No. I can’t do that, Finn. I’ll go with you. Just help me run her energy out. 

Alright, you can sit on the bench and I’ll chase her around til she falls asleep. It’ll be my workout for the day haha


Yea…we’re at the apartment right now. She wants to go somewhere to play. 

I’ll take her to the park, you can rest.

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I haven’t met you yet, I don’t think. But you like pizza so that makes you awesome

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Nothing better than some Boy Meets World when you’re sick.

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That sounds perfect, even if you are sick. I’ll be there soon. Love you.

Yes, I have a feelings your cuddles will make me feel better. See you soon. Love you, too.


I’m on my way then. And thanks for the warning that you’ve had cold medicine, now I know to expect incoherent sentences and babbling.

Can’t wait, I’ll move over a couple inches so that you can cuddle with me. And yes, forewarned to the max. You know these meds and there effect on me.

I can be at your place in like ten minutes with the best sickness fighter known to man: chicken noodle soup.

That sounds perfect, babe. I took some cold medicine that Mia brought home but still isn’t working.

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so-quinnocently-deactivated2013 said:
I hear through the grapevine that you're "dying." This is not acceptable.  

…I am :(

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